Us Uae Defense Cooperation Agreement

„The United Arab Emirates is one of our strongest and most capable partners. We appreciate our strong relationship and… will seek to expand our cooperation, particularly in the area of security cooperation and distribution abroad. More details about the deal were not immediately available, but the announcement comes on the heels of National Security Adviser John Bolton`s visit to the Gulf Nation, where he met with senior officials such as Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan and National Security Advisor Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and the United States has been essential in supporting U.S. interests throughout the region. The United Arab Emirates is home to the Gulf Air Warfare Center at Al Dhafra Air Base, where approximately 3,500 U.S. troops are deployed and which provides regional air and missile defense training to approximately 2,000 participants from 10 countries each year. The UAE ports also provide critical logistical support to the U.S. Navy and together house more naval vessels than any other port outside the United States. The U.S. and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the implementation of a new defense pact Wednesday aimed at bolster military cooperation. According to the statement, the DCA will foster this interest by encouraging closer defence and security cooperation and by supporting the efforts of the two nations to maintain security in the Gulf region.

The UAE Air Force operates the most technologically advanced U.S. F-16 aircraft – the 60 block, also known as the Desert Falcon. Working closely with the United States, the United Arab Emirates has used these advanced aircraft against violent extremists to combat aggression, protect vital waterways and promote regional stability. To learn more about the F-16 60 block, click here. The United States and Vae are working together to achieve the common goal of a stable, secure and prosperous Middle East. The United Arab Emirates is also an important partner of the United States on a wide range of regional security issues. The United States is working with the United Arab Emirates and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council to strengthen cooperation on border security, maritime security, military preparedness, cybersecurity and counterterrorism. The intensification of the security partnership between the United States and the United Arab Emirates as a result of the Abraham Accords strengthens the Gulf region`s ability to defend and deter growing threats from Iran, strengthens our long-standing commitment to Israel`s military edge of quality, and opposes the malicious influence of the People`s Republic of China and Russia. Bilateral security cooperation has grown considerably since the 1990 Gulf War. Recognizing common strategic interests and priorities, the United Arab Emirates and the United States signed a formal defence cooperation agreement in 1994, which includes joint training and exercises, prepositioning of U.S. military equipment in the United Arab Emirates and the transfer of advanced weapons systems.

An updated defence cooperation agreement came into force in May 2019. The agreement was signed at the beginning of the year and has now entered into force, he said. Since 2014, the United States has also authorized the permanent export of more than $7.2 billion worth of defense goods to the United Arab Emirates through the Direct Commercial Sale Process (DCS). Among the main categories of DCS in the United Arab Emirates are: launchers, aircraft, ammunition and military electronics. During this period, the department closed 65 end-of-use control checks with brandy. A defense cooperation agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the United States has come into force, UAE state news agency WAM said on Wednesday, as US National Security Adviser John Bolton visited Abu Dhabi.