Twilight Fanfiction The Agreement

„We need to talk about what we want people to say. It shouldn`t be too hard to find something. He was more confident than I was. „And if our agreement is no longer suitable for either of us, the secret will persist. No one should know, except us, no matter what happens in the future. „Neither party will apply contraception until after the birth of the first child, and only by mutual agreement at that time,“ I quoted. One of the first online fanfiction hits breakingout based on Twilight has entered into a two-book deal with Gallery Books. The first part of the marriage agreement was fundamental: no matter how much wealth they had when they entered into the marriage, they would leave with a divorce. Any asset that enters the household during the marriage would be 50/50 shared between them, unless the reason for the divorce was adultery. There was nothing extraordinary about it, but when she continued to read, Bella felt that her walls were beginning to crumble again. „It`s not the best start of our marriage, Bella, that you lied before the wedding in front of my face to find room,“ Edward`s head shook indignantly.

„Is this how you lie to me, even though I know the truth?“ Bella shook her head, her eyes on her hands, and after swallowing hard and deeply, Bella signed the marriage contract and at the same time signed her future children. Every cell in my body pushed me to relieve its sadness. It was amazing how much this practical stranger seemed to affect me. Overwhelming to the point that I`m a little scared. That`s why I held my mouth and nodded. It was probably too impulsive of me to say yes so eagerly. He was right to dissuade me. It was a big decision. „You have to promise me that if you can… As you said… Hot….

So we have to stop, and I mean. Or I break that agreement from time to time. In the first part, the data protection clauses and the confidentiality agreement were set in the first place. Some of the legalis were confusing, but I got the hook of what was written. We were never aware of the agreement until we were eighteen years old. Our parents had decided to tell us everything about the agreement, so that we could prepare for everything that would happen in our future. We didn`t want to be married because we don`t have feelings for each other. I even thought about running away from my parents at the time, but I knew they could find me everywhere thanks to my father`s connections. What if Klaus found Bella in the woods after Edward left her there, not Sam? When he sees Bella, there is something going on in him, where his Vampire Side and Wolf Side agree on something, not just about something related to his vampire side or his wolf side, but on both sides.

Both sides are in complete agreement on this point, no doubt on both sides. It`s something that started to change it from what it was. He never thought it would happen. What do they agree on? What did a change begin in him? There was her life in front of her, black and white. On one point, it was made clear that if they had children during the five years of their contract, Edward would have custody of them if a divorce took place, but that she would be allowed to go to see her children after consulting Edward. She almost expected that there would be paragraphs saying that he would control all the necessary drugs, that he could send them back if she acted in a shameful manner in public, but that did not exist. She could live with him and feel the need to control her life, every minute of her life, but to sign custody of her children, she could not. „It`s a basic marital deal, I think you`ll agree, otherwise you don`t have much choice,“ Edward said to her and pushed the Manila folder on it on the smooth surface of the mahogany table.

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