Bilateral Agreement Between Airlines

A bilateral air services agreement is reached between two states parties, which liberalizes commercial civil aviation services between these countries. Bilateral air services agreements allow designated airlines in these countries to operate commercial flights covering passenger and cargo transport between the two countries. In addition, they generally regulate the frequency and capacity of air services between countries, pricing and other commercial aspects. In Nigeria, negotiations are largely conducted on the basis of economic and reciprocity considerations within the framework of the last three freedoms, in order to ensure fairness and equal opportunities. Under Article 10 of the bilateral air services agreement between Nigeria and the United Kingdom, the trade opportunity clause, designated airlines may have at least one overseas staff, a sales office and aviation agents. In addition, the clause expressly provides that one party may establish and maintain a ticket sales office on the territory of the other party and that it may maintain the establishment and accommodation, employment, employment, management, sale, technology, business and other specialized personnel, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country. This provision effectively provides any designated airline with the ability to make actual transactions in the countries served. As a result, Nigerian airlines are given the reciprocal opportunity to operate and attract customers to the UK. As attractive as the concept of rights reciprocity is in the BASA negotiations, Nigeria, as an economy, is not trying to take full advantage of this concept. This is because the concept of reciprocal rights must be exploited within the existing legal framework of each participating country. As a result, current UK trade, immigration and business registration legislation is strong enough to streamline entry into the foreign market; Nigerian laws are not yet as strong. The result is a significant gap between Nigerian airlines and their foreign partners.