Agreement Math

The journal publishes articles by authors from around the world that contain strict mathematical results on algebraic theory, topology, differential geometry, group theory, number theory, functional analysis, logic, measurement theory, probability theory, asymptomatic methods, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, mathematical physics and spectral theory. The magazine contains a special section entitled „Short Communications“; contributions to this section must be submitted by members of the journal`s editorial board. The polls are published at the special request of the editor. In implementing cooperation under this agreement, the parties will be guided by the fundamental provisions of the current legal document, namely: the agreement between the governments of the two countries on scientific, educational and cultural ties, as well as other long-term documents defining the legal basis for the relations between RUSSIA and TURKEY. Procedures for exchange visits are implemented in accordance with the agreed cooperation work programme. University of Nantes, Department of Mathematics. The Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Nantes and its close partner, Jean Leray Laboratory of Mathematics, form a large international research and training centre (with more than 100 employees). Each year, it organizes various international conferences and organizes regular seminars in almost all fields of pure mathematics. Traditionally, algebraic geometry and topology, differential geometry and dynamic systems were the most powerful fields of study and research in Nantes.

If you are interested in registering for the exchange program, please contact Alexandra Skripchenko at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany. Humboldt University, one of Berlin`s oldest universities, of which Karl Marx and Max Planck are famous graduates, is one of the main organizers of a joint doctoral program in mathematics in Berlin. As part of this doctoral school, many interesting mathematics courses are offered. Berlin is also one of the largest mathematics centers in the world (Free University of Berlin and Technical University of Berlin). Please note that masters are often taught in English, while most bachelor`s courses are taught in the national languages of the host country (the University of Luxembourg is one of the few exceptions in this regard). The requirement for students to exchange is generally the requirement to participate in exams and exams for a number of courses. In addition, research internships do not include (although they do not prohibit) participation in courses. Mathematics internships are research projects supervised by a scientist from a host university or research centre. This is why the main thing in planning the internship is to choose a future tutor and negotiate the terms with him. Kyoto University, Institute of Mathematics. Our faculty allocates funds dedicated to cooperation with Kyoto University.

Therefore, if you are willing to go and participate in a long-term internship (up to six months) or a short-term event (for example. B a conference), you have a very good chance of getting help. Kyoto University is very strong in the theory of representation, geometry and dynamic systems. RIMS (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences) is also one of the most active mathematics centers in Japan. At all times, it welcomes many visiting professors and researchers from all over the world.

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